Holy Cordy Ryman!

Posted on September 21, 2012


Cordy Ryman has a new exhibition at Lora Reynolds Gallery in Texas. I wish I could use that teleporter a friend of mine has been working on for the past 25 years to go there now. Thanks to the blog New American Painting,  for shedding light on this work earlier this week. All I can say is – where have these paintings been all my life?

Cordy Ryman
Stir Sticks, 2012
Acrylic & enamel on wood

Cordy Ryman
JFK, 2011
Acrylic and enamel on wood

Cordy Ryman
Yellow Book, 2012
Acrylic, enamel, metal and canvas on wood

All images of Mr. Ryman’s work courtesy of Lora Reynolds Gallery.

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