Bikes in Brooklyn

Posted on November 17, 2012


If you are like me – not too old yet but not too young anymore. And you ride a bike on some kind of regular basis. And you are not a bike tool, not a bike wimp, and not a bike fashion plate. But you care for your bike like it was your first and find it hard locating a good bike shop. Go visit Bicycle Roots on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. I have to give them a shout since I was seriously impressed with the kind and careful service I received. They have a thoughtfully culled variety of new bikes, rebuilt bikes and accessories. The shop is all about friendly service, style and practicality. NO attitude here. It’s about getting on your bike and having a fun ride as soon as possible. Zoom!

Bicycle Roots – 1078 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY

They have a website that seems to be under construction at the moment. But check out their WordPress blog!

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