Art is a guarantee of sanity.

Posted on January 16, 2013


The blog post title is a quote by artist Louise Bourgeois who has created many lives for her art self over the course of her long career. Ms. Bourgeois’ prints and drawings are the direct link from her nervous system to the outside world. The Museum of Modern Art has taken the massive archive of prints and books donated by the artist in the 90’s and created an extensive and engaging website dedicated to this body of work. Bourgeois’ prints are where her drawings become more sorted out therapy sessions – modernism and art making smarts glue together what is worth keeping. I especially like the techniques section of the site. What an awesome endeavor. Welcome back, art on the Internet.

Louise Bourgeois: The Complete Books and Prints

Untitled, plate 8 of 11, from the illustrated book, He Disappeared into Complete Silence, second edition, 2005

Untitled, no. 3 of 34, from the illustrated book, Ode à l’oubli, 2002

Images courtesy of MoMA.